Can words paint a picture so clear?
Our hearts would melt from what we hear;
Can we see the love of God in the dark?
From simple words spoken into our heart.


Faith comes by hearing God’s Word;
Truth comes to birth by what I heard.
Faith is seeing into the invisible light,
Believing the promises over natural sight.


Since words will help my carnal mind to see,
Then Lord please, please, speak to me
Words so rapturous causing my heart to soar
And my will be broken for the one I adore.


Only one desire remains in my heart to this very day;
To see Jesus, that’s all I want, till in the grave my body lay,
Just to see Him and His love as He suffered, bled and died
On that old rugged cross on Calvary’s dark hillside.


To see His sacred brow pierced with a crown of thorns,
To see His precious back striped, bloody and torn,
His precious hands and feet to the cross were nailed
So, I might live, my sins forgiven, atoned and expelled.


Just to see Jesus changes everything about and within me.
He gives me faith, hope, love and overcoming victory.
He who knew no sin, became sin, that’s why He died
So, He could make me righteous, holy and sanctified.


Oh, to see Him in all His resurrection power and glory;
Just to see Him will complete and finish my life’s story.
Just a glance at His perfection and glorious light
Conquers my stubborn will and ends my foolish plight.


To look into His eternal eyes of love, mercy and grace,
Oh, to see the sweet compassion in His lovely face.
To see Him would fix my mind and transform my soul;
Just to see him would change my life and make me whole.


Seeing Jesus would make everything wrong become right;
With just a sight of Him the darkness would turn to light.
Just a glimpse of His goodness and love is all I can aspire;
His grace is sufficient and will satisfy my one and only desire.


Holy Spirit please speak these words to me
For my soul desires to say, “Jesus I see”.
To see Jesus would tear down the wall;
To see Jesus would help me become small.


To see Jesus would remove this nasty ole pride;
To see Jesus would cause my strife to subside.
If I could see Jesus, my fears would all flee,
My heart would repent as on bended knee.


Sweet Jesus, melt my heart with the sight of your love;
Precious Savior, break my will with faith from above.
I want to love and obey you and love others too;
Please Jesus, open my eyes, for I need to see you.

-Bill Hudson Jr.

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