We can work hard to get our doctrine just right.
We can study, pray and labor into the late night.
We can work diligently at serving our Lord,
Win souls, feed the hungry and care for the poor;

But if we lose sight of Jesus, we go bankrupt or broke.
The flow of love stops and we lose our faith and hope.
Spiritual blindness is the greatest form of loss;
When we hate the pain, we are rejecting the cross

When I take my eyes off Jesus, I become lukewarm;
My carnal mind rules and does my soul great harm.
It is when I disconnect from Him by turning my head,
I no longer see Him, so I become spiritually dead.

To not see Jesus is to lose our faith; 
To walk in darkness, stumbling in our race.
To choose to be blind seems insane to me,
But many had rather live in dark than to see.

Just to see Jesus is enough for me;
To see the Lamb of God on Calvary. 
I now understand why He bled and died,
For it was for me, that He was crucified. 

It is not more mysteries of the Father I seek;
The mystery of all mysteries is the savior so meek.
To look at the face of Jesus, to stare into His eyes,
Is to see the Father, to know Him, Jesus crucified. 

Do you want to change, no really, do you so desire?
To be transformed requires your soul going through the fire.
Are you lukewarm, selfish, trying to be the center of your life?
Are you full of unbelief, fear, worry, sadness or strife? 

What will it take for you to start walking in His love,
Staying connected to Him, setting your affections above,
Loving everyone, not just the ones who like you the most,
Loving, forgiving, forgetting, drawing everyone close?

Faith is reckoning upon reality, for it is His spiritual eyesight; 
Without faith, we cannot please him or give Him any delight. 
Faith will remove doubts, dethrone self and kill our pride; 
Believing, seeing, looking at Jesus, will make us His bride

If only we would believe the promises of His Holy Word
Instead of what our carnal mind thinks, which is absurd. 
To believe the New Covenant, to receive it in our hearts
Is the secret to victory, and will quench the devil’s fiery darts.

The sinners in the world and the religious crowd too
Will think of me as a fool, a mad man gone askew.
But I don’t care what they may say, nor do I fear any man;
For I only seek the applause of the two nail scared hands.

Just to see Jesus is enough for me, it is my one last desire;
For seeing Jesus will fill my heart with passionate holy fire.
If I can see Him, just once more, all will be well; 
Look, Behold the Lamb of God, now go and tell!

Bill Hudson Jr.

November 11, 2016

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