Return Sermon shared on Sunday, July 12, 2015.

Return needs a shift of focus from being so concerned about Christian friends in a different fellowship, to asking God to give us a true burden for the lost and dying world, or sinners that are condemned to Hell. Jesus came to save sinners and He has instructed  us to be a witness to the lost. The Apostle Paul paid a great price in order to share the gospel to the Gentile world. Yes, Paul reached out to the Jewish Christians that were trying to preach Jesus + the Law, but Paul's main ministry and focus was to the Gentiles.

Return Ministries is about to enter into a time of training our congregation to soul win, and then we will soon launch a campaign where we give out 5,000 Bibles and engage in 5,000 conversations, trusting the Holy Spirit to use us to help lead precious souls to a saving knowledge and experience with Jesus Christ. This will only be accomplished through prayer, as we realize that God alone can save souls, therefore we will also organize and engage in prayer meetings to cover the workers in the field as they go out into the community to bring the Gospel to those that have never experienced the salvation of Jesus Christ. 

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