Return sermon shared on Sunday, October 25, 2015.

In this lesson, we deal with the subject of our identity. Many people get their identity from their careers, their achievements, their successes, or maybe from their family, friends or relationships. If we care about what people think about us we will undoubtedly let others give us our identity. Jesus said if we lose our life, we will find it. That to be a disciple we need to deny ourselves, take up our cross and follow Him.

We need to gain our identity from Jesus and what He did for us at the cross. We need to be concerned only with what Jesus thinks about us and not people. Also, we shouldn’t trade one performance based identity for another, but that is what many of us did as we gained our identity from our religion instead of from Christ Jesus.

Your identity comes from whatever you worship. So if you lose that which you worshiped and it was an idol, then you will face an identity crisis. We must find our identity only in Jesus, and only at the cross. Our new identity is hidden in Christ. We are a Christian, we are forgiven, we are a child of God, and as we deny ourselves, take up our cross and die to our earthly ambitions, we gain our identity in Jesus as His disciple.

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