Return sermon shared on Sunday, November 1, 2015.

Studying from the book of Galatians we are faced with the truth that if Jesus has saved us at the cross by His grace, then we would be falling from Grace if we revert back to trying to earn the favor of God with good deeds. We then look at 10 golden calves, or “Sacred Cows,” that are dangerous lies that produce ungodly behaviors. These lies must be destroyed in order for the truth to come in our hearts and set us free. In closing, we look at the dual nature of the “Old Man” or “Self,” realizing that the old man can play god by either rebelling from God, or trying to save himself with self-righteousness as the “Self” has two faces - both good and bad. Jesus said that the prostitutes go into the Kingdom before the Pharisees, because trying to save yourself and having your identity in religion is worse in the eyes of God that living in the world. The sinners of the world have an easier time seeing their need than the self-righteous.

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