Return sermon shared on Sunday, December 6, 2015.

How much are you worth?

Normally, when this question is posed in a public setting, the typical reaction is to share a quick dissertation of one’s portfolio. However, this question is not based upon the value of financial significance but spiritual value. One of my favorite ice breaker activities was to have the participants in the leadership training or workshops to introduce themselves to each other, excluding one small detail. They could not mention their education, economic status or family. Surprisingly to them, they had very little to say after giving their names. 

In the eyes of God, every human being, all of mankind, has exactly the same value. So God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them (Genesis 1:27).  God created mankind and divided them as male and female. The value of each is exactly the same. When Jesus surrendered His life on Calvary’s Cross, He did not do it for a particular pedigree, but all mankind. God values each life exactly the same. The difference comes in the value of work. 

In Matthew 25, Jesus gave a parable concerning the kingdom of heaven and three servants. The servants’ position of worth was the same, but their position of work varied according to their “several” abilities. All of the servants would have received the reward of “Well Done, Ruler over Many Things and Enter into the Joy.”

I Peter 3:7 gives a clear picture of the value of “work” when describing the level of responsibility between the husband and wife. Notice that the scripture does not state man and woman, but the position of husband and wife.  It is important to note that the writer was careful to indicate the responsibility of work, not worth. 

Finally, when God made mankind, He was specific about them having dominion among each other but not over each other. Their assignment was to be fruitful and multiply, and to dress and keep. Here’s an illustration to help clarify my point. Dominion is my home and keys are my authority. My keys fit the door to my home. My automobile is my dominion and my keys are the authority to unlock it. You may have a home and a car with keys to each, yet your keys will neither lock nor unlock my home or car, nor vice versa. The only way you can come into my dominion is to take my keys or for me to give you my keys.

Have you found your assignment and are you walking in it, or have you given your keys to another?

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