Return sermon shared on Sunday, June 7, 2015.

There is an incredible invisible spiritual warfare going on pitting the Truth verses Error, or Light verses Darkness, or God verses Lucifer. Our battle is not human against human, but instead we are fighting Lucifer and his host of demons, fallen angles, and wicked evil spirits. Lucifer's game is to get us to believe lies. If we believe a lie, then it has the power to control us. He gets most of the World with the same lie he used in the Garden of Eden, “Thou shalt not surely die,” he simply inserted the little word “not” and it changed the course of the human race. Then he disguises himself as an Angel of Light and gets Christians with other lies.

In this sermon we examine nine of the most common lies that Lucifer uses to try and establish “Strongholds” in our lives. Then we look to the Bible that teaches us the supernatural power of God’s Word, God’s Truth, that will tear down the Strongholds of Lucifer. 

Sermon Presentation

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The Raging Spiritual Warfare For Your Soul (Regular Print)

The Raging Spiritual Warfare For Your Soul (Large Print)

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