Return sermon shared on Sunday, August 16, 2015.

This is a demonstration message of what walking in the Faith of Jesus Christ is really all about. 

Some say it is a walk of "blind faith," but the truth is that the walk of faith is anything but blind, for we walk with the eyesight of Jesus Christ. Yes, we are blind, but as we connect to Jesus, He leads and guides and all we have to do is to stay connected to Him, trust Him and obey Him. We get in trouble when we pull back and attach ourself to something or someone else instead of Jesus.

The Bible says that what so ever is not of faith is sin, therefore whatever we do apart from or without Jesus is sin. Jesus is our righteousness, He is our holiness, and it is His Faith and not ours that will lead us to the New City. 

Sermon Presentation

To be posted.

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