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We are in the middle of a series of sermons on Faith, Hope and Love. This week's lesson looks at the difference in the world's definition of Hope and the Hope that is taught in the Word of God. Hope is like hanging on to a rope with Jesus Christ at the other end of the rope. Sometimes it may feel like hanging on to a thread, but there is always hope in Jesus.  We are to believe Jesus, and we are to pray, but don't stop short here, because we are also supposed to expect Him to answer our prayers.  Hope is the expectation that Jesus will answer your prayers, prayed in His Name.

We also look at a marvelous scripture in the Bible, Zechariah 9:12, where the Word of God calls us to Turn (Shoob) to the strong hold and God calls us prisoners of Hope. When we become a prisoner of the Lord Jesus Christ, we are a prisoner of Hope, Faith and Love. This is perhaps the highest form of a relationship we can have with Jesus, being a prisoner, or a bond slave to Him.

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