Return sermon shared on Sunday, January, 17, 2016.

One of the hardest things to do in life is to be still. We live our lives in this modern day culture at a rapid pace and we must learn how to slow down and just be still. We need to wait upon the LORD and cease from our works to enter into His rest.

We viewed a short video of a caterpillar going through metamorphosis and turning into a butterfly. We then talked about how we as a church are still in our cocoon stage and must not leave the cocoon prematurely.  Instead, we need an absolute surrender to the will of God and wait on God to change us.

There are three stages: from the worm, to the cocoon, to the caterpillar - just like Egypt to the wilderness, to the promise land. When we get upset and want to fight, or be stressed, or experience anger, it is because we are trying to leave the cocoon early. We need to learn to receive God’s unconditional love, grace, and forgiveness daily so we can give God’s unconditional love, grace, and forgiveness each day of our lives

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