This is a demonstrative sermon showing the separation of the body, soul and spirit of a human being. It also shows the body of sin and death that all humans possess, which is not who we are, but rather what we inherited from Adam the first. This message teaches what happened in our spirit when we got Born Again, this is the new you, the real you or your new identity in Christ. The body is promised glorification, but that comes at the resurrection. However, our souls are still a mess as we have been programmed our entire life by receiving information and images thorough our 5 senses or imagination, reason, affection, conscience, and memory. Our souls need to be transformed, by the renewing of our minds. Our souls need to be sanctified and this comes by receiving the truth into our souls and then believing the truth of God’s Word. The battlefield is between our ears and we all need to cooperate with God as He progressively will sanctify our souls. We can go from glory to glory as we progressively choose to allow God to sanctify our souls.

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