Return sermon shared on Friday, March 25, 2016.

In this lesson, we explore the vast subject of the Love of God. We realize that the only way we can have the love of God flowing out of our hearts to others is by abiding in the vine, or remaining in Christ Jesus.

The New Covenant is a better covenant because it is habitational: Jesus Christ inhabits our hearts and lives His life through us. We must learn to remain in Christ so His love continually pours out to others.

In James 3, we learn that the tongue can be a deadly, demonic thing and we must mature in Christ to a point where He can manage our tongues. We see in Proverbs that God hates sowing discord amongst the brethren.  

We want to see Return become a church where we come into harmony and unity with God. We also introduce our new mantra at Return.

Sermon Presentation

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