Return sermon shared on Sunday, June 5, 2016.

God wants to do a new thing at Return as He is giving us a new beginning and a fresh start, but we must let go of the regrets of the past, and turn loose of anything that is holding us back and keeping us from inheriting our spiritual inheritance.

God gave Noah and his family a new beginning. God gave Lot and his family a fresh start, but He told them not to look back. Paul said, “forgetting the things that are behind,” (Philippians 3:13) - we need to learn to let go of the past, in order to inherit the Promise Land of God.

Ruth didn’t want to go back with her sister in law, but instead she followed Naomi as God gave them a fresh start, and when she returned to the house of bread, Boaz, her bridegroom, was waiting for her. It’s time to move on, let go of the past, and let God do a new thing.

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