Return sermon shared on Friday, July 08, 2016

The Love of God is unconditional, but to the believer, the forgiveness of God is conditional. The Bible clearly teaches in Matthew 6, that if we forgive men of offending us, then the Father will continue to forgive us, but once we stop forgiving others, then God stops forgiving us. In Matthew 18 there is a great story that Jesus taught to illustrate this point. This lesson was a demonstration lesson using two garbage bags showing our offenses to God and then others offenses toward us. As long as we hold onto offenses, then our hearts gets toxic and the offenses turn into bitterness, hatred, and worse. Many people get physically sick from unforgiveness. We must learn to let go of the past offenses and cancel all debts as we turn loose and release the offense. Forgiveness is letting go of the demand that someone owes you an apology. You can never forgive someone that you feel superior to, therefore the cross equalizes everyone and it is a gaze at Calvary that melts our hearts to receive forgiveness which in turn enables us to forgive others.

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