Return Sermon Shared on 2016-07-31 (AM)

The very nature of God is love and love gives. You can give without loving but you cannot love without giving. Jesus Christ was the most generous person that ever lived as He gave his entire life that we might be saved. Jesus said, freely ye have received, freely give. It is not enough to put an offering in the plate on Sunday’s, for to be a true follower of Jesus is to give him everything. We should give our money, our time, our energy, our faith, our thanks, and our selves to God. He gives to us everyday as He allows the sun to shine on us, He forgives us so we should forgive others. Their is a law of reciprocity that says in the same measure we give it will be given back to us. Give a little receive a little, or give a lot and get a lot. You cannot possibly out give God. You do not have to be rich to give a lot, the poor widow gave more than the rich man because she gave her all. God will bless the generous and the more generous you are, the more Godly you become and the more Godly you are the more generous you become. A person walking and living in holiness will be a generous person. You cant take it with you and you don’t own it anyway, for God owns everything and we are just stewards of His possessions that He gives us to mange for Him.

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