God is a God of Covenant. He voluntarily binds himself under obligation to human beings, because He loves us so much that He wants an amazing relationship with us, He wants us to be His bride. In this lesson we take a quick trip through the Bible to see what covenants God has made with man that are still in effect today and which covenant He made obsolete when Jesus brought in and established the New Covenant. In the new covenant, we are saved by works, but not our works. We are saved by the works of Jesus Christ. Jesus lived 33 1/2 years on this earth in a human body and He was spotless, sinless, perfect in every way. So under the New Covenant, when we come to Him with faith, God imputes the righteousness of Jesus Christ onto and into us. He actually writes His laws in our hearts and in our minds. Now the law-giver becomes the law-liver in our hearts.

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