We are to worship God in Spirit and in Truth, but like the woman at the well, we all have questions as to the right way of worshipping God. Worship means to love God affectionately. In Greek the word means to kiss like a dog kissing his masters hand. Worship is us loving God in response to Him loving us. We all are worshipers, but idolatry is worshipping someone or something other than the one true God. All of religion is steeped in liturgies or rituals, ceremonies or traditions that define our worship. Getting the liturgies right is not as important as exalting Jesus and allowing the Holy Spirit to move in our worship service. In the story of Elijah on Mt Carmel, the children of Israel had drifted off into idolatry and they for the most part were not even aware of it. The false prophets tried to make the fire fall by human effort, but Elijah prayed to the LORD of heaven and earth and the fire fell. When the fire falls, people will fall on their face and worship the true God.

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