The beloved disciple John with all the gifts and treasures in his heart from his encounters with Jesus, found himself in his later years banished to a desolate, barren, isolated island called Patmos. Why would God send him to a solitary place, unable to share the love, healing, and word to others? We too have Patmos experiences in our journey that find us in lonely, painful places,  but God does not intend to harm us, rather He chooses to bless us. Maybe, just maybe, God loves us so much that He is willing to isolate us for a season so that He can have us to himself. John received the Word of God in a magnificent form call the Book of Revelation. He also gained a new vision of the Lord, not as a lamb, but the Lion out of the tribe of Judah. We too may partake of these gifts from our Lord as we listen to His Voice and resist drawing our focus on the seemingly impossible circumstances in life.

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